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Shenzhen Sifu Colorful Paper Packaging Co.,Ltd and Shenzhen City to raise boutique packaging plant is a joint-stock Co., Ltd., headquartered in 2006, located in Bao'an District Fuyong Street Bridgehead community Furui Road No. 1 Jubao Industrial Park, plant area Up to 12,500 square meters, the total number of more than 300 people. The company's main production categories: heaven and earth boxes, box, Jiuhe, product brochures, books and professional firms. In the production equipment, product quality, price, service, efficiency, etc., has a strong competitive edge.

Since the establishment of the company, to develop a clear long-term development goals, adhere to the printing and packaging products in the field of development, professional at home and abroad, high-end customer service. In the company of all staff unremitting efforts, and constantly beyond, as well as excellent corporate culture and the background of a harmonious team, the company in just a few years has been rapid development. We have always promised to provide customers with: excellent quality, efficient and quality services, affordable, customer satisfaction with the products, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with customers, and customers seamless convergence and common development, create brilliant.

Major customer types
Wine, electronics, electrical appliances, medical tools, watches, toys, advertising, lighting, food, clothing, finance / services, education and government procurement.

Advanced production equipment and expertise
With advanced equipment at home and abroad, printing equipment, India binding equipment, all the use of automated equipment production, well-equipped, with all kinds of professional and technical personnel and management personnel, improve after-sales service management system and excellent corporate culture, The company's high-speed growth.

Fast, huge production capacity
From the engineering plate, printing, printing, binding, quality inspection, packaging / logistics and all other processes, sub-white / night shift production and services, Nissan various types of books / books about 35 million, 5-8 million bags, High-end gift box, heaven and earth box about 100,000, about 250,000 color box, has achieved large-scale production.

Excellent management and strict quality management system
The rapid development of enterprises must rely on outstanding professional talents, we always put the introduction of talents and training as the company's development and focus. Adhere to the people-oriented, integrity and pragmatic, teamwork and common development as the core concept. In terms of quality control, we strictly follow the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management system operation, in prepress, printing, India, as well as finished product testing have developed a strict control procedures, effective control of bad products, prevention.

Professional, efficient, high-quality customer service
Business development, we must have a professional, efficient and high quality customer service system, we attach great importance to customer service work, for high-quality customers, we are equipped with professional service team, including (business, customer service, engineering), one to one and Customers seamless convergence. To meet the needs of customers, to provide professional, efficient, quality service.

Strict cost control
Effective cost control for the Si Fu color in the peer to win a strong competitive, we strengthen cooperation with high-quality suppliers, from the procurement of raw materials to the process of production of each process, the internal management costs, logistics costs are carried out Strict control, so that the costs have been effectively controlled. We are fully able to provide customers with inexpensive, high-quality products and efficient and perfect service.

It is because of our equipment, talent, technology, management and services, and other hard work, with high-quality products, efficient service, professional, large-scale production capacity, has won a number of well-known domestic and foreign enterprises recognized, between the two The establishment of a long-term, friendly and stable relations of cooperation, but also for the company's sustainable development has laid a solid foundation.