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[2016-5-10]New era pack

As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man, Buddha to gold," commodity needs to have a "good package." Because commodities has more than just a box, "coat", but an integral part of the product itself. Packaging of goods has become an effective means to enhance product value and brand image.

   Packaging design has become a modern commodity indispensable and essential part of the external form, creative packaging design is not only beautiful coat commodity into the market, but also a value of expression. In the more developed market economy today, perhaps "Maiduhaizhu" story has no longer suitable as a negative example, but should become a classic marketing case packaging.
Reporters learned that the majority of our business is still insufficient understanding of packaging, packaging ignored other additional features that make a lot of domestic production of goods despite the quality has reached a very high standard, but not recognized by consumers . Whether commodity prices, or market share, compared with similar foreign products have a big gap.

   Deputy Secretary General of China Industrial Design Association Song Weizu told reporters, packaging as a means of achieving commodity value and use value, commodity production, circulation, sales an integral part. With the era of product development and improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the packaging has bid farewell to the original single practical functions, as disseminate product information, enhance the value of the goods, the occupation of magic to win the market. "So most of our packaging 'silly and crude' is neither useful nor beautiful, greatly affected the market value of the commodity; now our companies have realized through commodity packaging design, not only can enhance the product itself additional value, increase profits, it enables the company's overall brand image promotion. "

[2016-5-10]Packaging design need to pay attention to details

1 . Packaging design should be clear in the detailed design objects intended use, and relevant laws and regulations applicable to the scope of the situation and a profound understanding of their functional requirements of the premise.
2 . It shall be designed to give full consideration to the feasibility of its implementation, take the appropriate design tools for their application forms, materials and manufacturing conditions. While also taking into account applied to other visual means of communication (such as printing, advertising, image, etc.) or enlarged, reduced visual effect when.
3. Intuitive design to meet the ability to accept the role of the object, aesthetic sense, social psychology and taboo.
4. Idea to be careful scrutiny, and strive to profound, clever, innovative, unique, expressive and accurate, able to withstand the test of time.
5. To composition concise, beautiful, conformal (shape to adapt to its application thereof).
6. Graphics, symbols necessary to concise summary, but also pay attention to art.
7. Color to simple, strong, eye-catching.
Packaging design plug-in carton box
Packaging design is representative of a straight line carton box, due to the different ends of the insertion direction. The divided-line and anti-plug-in.
① interposer-line box top and bottom cover (tongue) is a plane surface of the cartridge.
② anti-plug type:! Box top and bottom of the insert structure (the tongue is in the cartridge surface, the different faces of the bottom of the box.

[2016-5-10]Good packaging design is the best branding media
  Good packaging design, not only to design, full of personality, but also to assume the brand communication functions. If in place packaging, increase brand slogan, speech commentary core, long-term brand and promotional activities and other promotional information, it will act as a "paid off" effect of promotion, will directly boost product sales.
  As a food, beverage, cosmetic and other fast moving consumer goods, consumer product cycle is short, so the packaging has become a low-cost, good effect brand media. Good packaging design, not only to design, full of personality, but also to assume the brand communication functions. If in place packaging, increase brand slogan, speech commentary core, long-term brand and promotional activities and other promotional information, it will act as a "paid off" effect of promotion, will directly boost product sales. Therefore, the amount of ad serving small businesses, packaging is one of the best branding positions.

  Take white Yanghe terms of its other businesses, packaging design mainly early to follow the strategy, imitate each outstanding brand packaging design style, try to do with the brand-name products similar. It should be said, in the promotion of products and the import of growth, the strategy is correct, companies also tasted the sweetness. But with the development of enterprises, and gradually turned into advantages and disadvantages.

Brand name on the packaging is too small, the consumer does not recognize the white Yanghe brand, can not form a repeat purchase, consumer loyalty is not high. When there is no activity when promotions and sales big gap. In addition, due to excessive imitation, they lack their own design style, style disorganized, causing consumer confusion dialogue Yanghe visual image.
[2016-5-10]Development of packaging industry trend of low car..
  Development of packaging industry tends environmental carbon. With carton packaging, packaging development, from the initial order to protect the human product is easy to store and carry development to the packaging art and design. Shenzhen packaging industry is undergoing a stage of rapid development, has now established a considerable scale of production, China has become an important field of manufacturing components.

  At present, China's packaging machinery products less variety, low level of technology, poor product reliability in the international market, there is no advantage, processing and packaging equipment, more than 80 percent rely on imports, faced with the development of deep processing of agricultural and building a conservation-oriented society, the development of circular economy tasks, packaging machinery market is very broad, packaging machinery companies if speed up technological innovation to meet market demand and obtain substantial profits.

  Now, with the growing awareness of environmental protection, businesses are stepping up research and development of a variety of green products. The "green packaging" is today and the future of the packaging industry in the 21st century should strive for the goal. International and domestic markets of the 21st century, will be a step by step to "green" the evolution of the market. In this market form, eco-friendly products will increasingly dominate the market. This requires a variety of future products (including packaging products), to the "green" word to make a fuss, make efforts to develop more high-tech new green products, which do not belong to the "green products" by the future is unlikely to have a place in the international and domestic markets.
Today, green ideas have permeated the whole industry chain, and gradually guide the industrial restructuring and upgrading. Many of the environmental pollution of the packaging material is being phased out of our lives, green packaging material into packaging cartons, packaging box industry trends and the future. Now there are many green packaging materials, can be divided into re-using and recycling of packaging materials, packaging materials, edible, biodegradable materials and paper materials four.

  On the packaging industry, not only to pay attention to try to develop effective conservation of resources and energy, help protect the environment, green packaging products and a variety of recyclable packaging waste, a large agricultural country, straw, cotton stalk, corn stalks, bean stalks, sorghum stalks, sesame stalks, rice straw and other crop stalks and other straw resources are very rich, as raw material for the successful development of new green packaging products, not only can effectively remove the "straw smoke," the produce, to prevent air pollution, easily degraded, enabling recovery; at the same time also for agriculture "clean production" blaze a new path of environmental protection, the development prospect is extremely broad.
[2016-5-10]Future of packaging demand will continue to rise
  Box the name suggests is used to package the product box, with the rapid development of China's economy, people's living standards improve health care costs and an aging population due to increased efforts to develop new drugs to increase the pace of reform of the health care system to accelerate and urban residents expand health insurance industry will continue to maintain the momentum of rapid growth. Also China packaging materials and packaging quality varieties are significantly lower than the international level. Investigation, in developed countries, accounting for 30% of the value of the product packaging, while China is less than 10%. The next few years will be a period of rapid development of China's packaging industry.

   "Packaging industry," second five "Development Plan (draft)" put forward, packaging is an important part of the industry, direct contact with drug packaging materials containers are the basic elements of drugs, drug quality and drug safety have a major impact. Therefore, in the industry, "second five" plan, the packaging should be placed with the same status as the drug instead of supporting industries in the national industrial planning should be given clear. Study packaging materials should be synchronized with the development of drugs, packaging industry should increase policy support efforts to reflect the industrial policy of the packaging material, product and technical areas focusing on the development and direction of development.

    With the continuous improvement of the rapid development of modern industry and people's living standards, people's demand for folding cartons will continue to increase, but also the quality carton also put forward higher requirements. To avoid the automatic folding folder gluer out waste, make folding cartons in high-speed packaging machine automatically open, forming, filling, sealing and other technology, it requires not only the size of the carton structure design is reasonable, but also to ensure that there is sufficient mold sheet cassette precision cutting and folding and gluing accuracy. Increase in short-run work, improve processing quality, reduce production costs the same carton packaging enterprises are facing market pressures and problems, which requires the application of new technologies in the carton packaging production process, continue to improve the degree of automation equipment, reducing equipment auxiliary preparation time to adjust the time and live parts. Only by constantly adapt to new changes in the market, to meet the requirements of different users, in order to improve the competitiveness of carton packaging business.

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