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Development of packaging industry trend of low carbon environmental protection


  Development of packaging industry tends environmental carbon. With carton packaging, packaging development, from the initial order to protect the human product is easy to store and carry development to the packaging art and design. Shenzhen packaging industry is undergoing a stage of rapid development, has now established a considerable scale of production, China has become an important field of manufacturing components.

  At present, China's packaging machinery products less variety, low level of technology, poor product reliability in the international market, there is no advantage, processing and packaging equipment, more than 80 percent rely on imports, faced with the development of deep processing of agricultural and building a conservation-oriented society, the development of circular economy tasks, packaging machinery market is very broad, packaging machinery companies if speed up technological innovation to meet market demand and obtain substantial profits.

  Now, with the growing awareness of environmental protection, businesses are stepping up research and development of a variety of green products. The "green packaging" is today and the future of the packaging industry in the 21st century should strive for the goal. International and domestic markets of the 21st century, will be a step by step to "green" the evolution of the market. In this market form, eco-friendly products will increasingly dominate the market. This requires a variety of future products (including packaging products), to the "green" word to make a fuss, make efforts to develop more high-tech new green products, which do not belong to the "green products" by the future is unlikely to have a place in the international and domestic markets.
Today, green ideas have permeated the whole industry chain, and gradually guide the industrial restructuring and upgrading. Many of the environmental pollution of the packaging material is being phased out of our lives, green packaging material into packaging cartons, packaging box industry trends and the future. Now there are many green packaging materials, can be divided into re-using and recycling of packaging materials, packaging materials, edible, biodegradable materials and paper materials four.

  On the packaging industry, not only to pay attention to try to develop effective conservation of resources and energy, help protect the environment, green packaging products and a variety of recyclable packaging waste, a large agricultural country, straw, cotton stalk, corn stalks, bean stalks, sorghum stalks, sesame stalks, rice straw and other crop stalks and other straw resources are very rich, as raw material for the successful development of new green packaging products, not only can effectively remove the "straw smoke," the produce, to prevent air pollution, easily degraded, enabling recovery; at the same time also for agriculture "clean production" blaze a new path of environmental protection, the development prospect is extremely broad.