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Packaging design need to pay attention to details


1 . Packaging design should be clear in the detailed design objects intended use, and relevant laws and regulations applicable to the scope of the situation and a profound understanding of their functional requirements of the premise.
2 . It shall be designed to give full consideration to the feasibility of its implementation, take the appropriate design tools for their application forms, materials and manufacturing conditions. While also taking into account applied to other visual means of communication (such as printing, advertising, image, etc.) or enlarged, reduced visual effect when.
3. Intuitive design to meet the ability to accept the role of the object, aesthetic sense, social psychology and taboo.
4. Idea to be careful scrutiny, and strive to profound, clever, innovative, unique, expressive and accurate, able to withstand the test of time.
5. To composition concise, beautiful, conformal (shape to adapt to its application thereof).
6. Graphics, symbols necessary to concise summary, but also pay attention to art.
7. Color to simple, strong, eye-catching.
Packaging design plug-in carton box
Packaging design is representative of a straight line carton box, due to the different ends of the insertion direction. The divided-line and anti-plug-in.
① interposer-line box top and bottom cover (tongue) is a plane surface of the cartridge.
② anti-plug type:! Box top and bottom of the insert structure (the tongue is in the cartridge surface, the different faces of the bottom of the box.