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New era pack


As the saying goes, "Clothes make the man, Buddha to gold," commodity needs to have a "good package." Because commodities has more than just a box, "coat", but an integral part of the product itself. Packaging of goods has become an effective means to enhance product value and brand image.

   Packaging design has become a modern commodity indispensable and essential part of the external form, creative packaging design is not only beautiful coat commodity into the market, but also a value of expression. In the more developed market economy today, perhaps "Maiduhaizhu" story has no longer suitable as a negative example, but should become a classic marketing case packaging.
Reporters learned that the majority of our business is still insufficient understanding of packaging, packaging ignored other additional features that make a lot of domestic production of goods despite the quality has reached a very high standard, but not recognized by consumers . Whether commodity prices, or market share, compared with similar foreign products have a big gap.

   Deputy Secretary General of China Industrial Design Association Song Weizu told reporters, packaging as a means of achieving commodity value and use value, commodity production, circulation, sales an integral part. With the era of product development and improvement of people's aesthetic requirements, the packaging has bid farewell to the original single practical functions, as disseminate product information, enhance the value of the goods, the occupation of magic to win the market. "So most of our packaging 'silly and crude' is neither useful nor beautiful, greatly affected the market value of the commodity; now our companies have realized through commodity packaging design, not only can enhance the product itself additional value, increase profits, it enables the company's overall brand image promotion. "